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  • 2 Jul 2023 1:24 PM | Dennis Mead (Administrator)

    How do I add a GPX file to my Garmin Edge?

    From PC

    1.      Plug the device into computer using the USB data/power cable.

    2.      Navigate to the Edge drive on the PC: ...

    3.      Select the Garmin folder.

    4.      Select the NewFiles folder.

    5.      Place file(s) to be imported in the NewFiles folder.

    6.      Safely disconnect the device from computer.

    Most rides provide a link to the various courses either on Ride with GPS, Strava or Map My Ride.  From those applications you can export a GPX file which typically ends up in your "download" folder. Usually I'll rename the file to a short version of the Ride Name and then copy it onto my Garmin in the New Files Folder.  

    When you start your Garmin and go to courses in the menu you will see the course you just downloaded as an option. 

    From Garmin Connect App on Phone

    As info, you can send courses from your Garmin Connect account on phone to your Garmin.  According to documentation I've found following is process:

    1. Import the gpx into the Garmin Connect website (Training -> Courses - > Import).
    2. Then open the app, browse to Courses, select the course 
    3. Send to Device

  • 1 Jul 2022 11:33 AM | Dennis Mead (Administrator)

    Cycling Tips

    Bike Radar published a Cycling for Beginners article which lists 25 essential pieces of advice for new cyclists.  Besides just listing the pieces of advice, they go on to explain the reasoning behind the tip.  Just keep in mind some may apply more towards riding road in the UK.

    Beginners Cycling Tips

  • 26 Oct 2021 1:58 PM | Dennis Mead (Administrator)

    The profile page of each Velo member displays a Member card which can be printed or accessed via Smart Phone.  Your profile page can be accessed by clicking on your name which is shown in the upper right hand portion of the web page.

  • 25 Oct 2021 4:14 PM | Dennis Mead (Administrator)

    Sometimes we hear about century rides from friends or other riders but often that's after the fact.  There are several sites that you can visit which list upcoming century rides.

    Bike A Century has rides for all 50 states

    Biking Bis has rides for Pacific Northwest  area

    Gran Fondo Guide lists gravel, road, mountain bike and other ride types for USA and Canada

  • 23 Oct 2021 4:56 PM | Dennis Mead (Administrator)
    • Lincoln Rock State Park has restroom and public water available at the shelter on NW side of the boat ramp parking lot.
    • The 2 Hydo Parks on the extension of the Apple Loop Trail to the East of the Foot Bridge have restrooms and water available.
    • Restrooms and water are available on the Wenatchee side of Loop trail throughout Confluence Park at several locations.
    • Cashmere has public restrooms and water available at the 9/11 Memorial Park which is located just off of Riverside drive adjacent to the river. 
    • At Dryden, restrooms / water are available at Dryden School Park (School and Main Streets in Dryden.
    • Leavenworth has public restrooms and water available at Front Street Park. Entrance to the restrooms is adjacent to the coffee shop.
    • Wenatchee to Tarpiscan or Colockum the last place to get water is the Malaga Store. It's recommended that if you ride this route then carry 2 water bottles and refill accordingly depending on weather conditions.
    • Entiat to End of Pavement up the Entiat River Road has water available at Ardenvoir Store (check operating hours / days) also at several of the campgrounds during the Spring, Summer and Early Fall. Suggest you carry 2 bottles of water.
    • Leavenworth up Icicle Road to End of Pavement - Water available at campgrounds Spring, Summer and Early Fall. Suggest you fill up at Leavenworth and carry 2 bottles.
    • Between Wenatchee & Leavenworth or Wenatchee and Cashmere you also have several bike friendly business and stores where you can purchase food / refreshments. 
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